Wednesday, October 7, 2009

College Football Quick Picks: Week 6

Normally I would put off my picks until Thursday, but tomorrow I'll hit the road for the 500 mile ride down to Blacksburg for the Tech-Boston College game this weekend. As per the norm, I've packed nothing and done very little actual planning. All I know is I have a ticket to the game and a couch directly behind the stadium (in someone's apartment, I should stress that) so I'm good to go.

I'm excited needless to say. Boston College has proven to be much better than people would have thought and they always play the Hokies tough. I feel much better now that Matt Ryan is in Atlanta and not Lane Stadium.

Anyway, these picks will be very quick indeed because there are probably better uses of my time.

No. 21 Nebraska @ No. 24 Missouri

Mizzou is undefeated and looking very strong. Blaine Gabbert is an excellent quarterback. That said, I love Nebraska's defense led by Ndamukong Suh who is the best defensive lineman in America. Also Husker RB Roy Helu, Jr. sat out practice the other day after not feeling well, he should play Thursday night.

Nebraska Wins

No. 3 Alabama @ No. 20 Ole Miss

On paper this one looks close. It shouldn't be. Ole Miss was overrated and 'Bama is better than I had expected in preseason and I thought highly of them.

Alabama Wins

Wisconsin @ No. 9 Ohio State

This is my upset special. I'm still not sold on the Buckeyes and I've liked what I've seen from the Badgers. Probably not a smart pick, but a pick none the less.

Wisconsin Wins

No. 1 Florida @ No. 4 LSU

I'm told this is a big game. I like LSU from a fan perspective, but my analyst brain tells me they're overrated at the four spot. Should be a good game, but with or without Tim Tebow, Florida should be able to pull this one out.

Florida Wins

No. 22 Georgia Tech @ Florida State

Talk about a bad season. You know things are low in Tallahassee when there's talk of forcing out Bobby Bowden. He'll be around all season, and probably next year will be his swan song. GT struggles with speed and FSU will win one for ol' Bobby.

Florida State Wins

That's all I've got. Not a terrific slate of games this weekend so I only found 5 worthy of picking. Enjoy.

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