Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Uniform Thoughts

Word on the interweb is that Virginia Tech will sport orange uniforms for Thursday's home game against North Carolina on ESPN.

Thursday is the Hokies' "Orange Effect" game for which fans are encouraged to make the entire stadium orange. The team wore an orange top picture above for last year's narrow "Orange Effect" win over Georgia Tech.

These were the first and only all-orange uniforms I'm aware of from Tech's 1993 home loss against arch-rival Virginia.

After that loss, assistant coach Billy Hite said the Hokies would never wear orange uniforms again.

Here are some other notable orange looks.

Former Hokie Eddie Royal sometimes dons the Broncos orange alternates.

Syracuse has these all-orange throwback deals which are kind of awful really.

You may remember these Nike disasters from 2005. I think the Hokies' version looks a little better, but both poor choices.

I apologize for the poor sizing with these pictures. Tomorrow, it's quick picks and Hokie football.


Brian said...

I went ninja style with the html code and fixed the sizing of the pics... better?

PS - I dig the orange worn last year against Ga Tech, but the orange sleeve look was absolutely hideous... gotta love Nike!

Justin Cates said...

Ah so you're the one. I thought the blog did it itself last time.

Yeah I've confirmed we're going orange tops with maroon bottoms. I've wanted to see that for a while, I think it'll look cool.

Brian said...

Yeah it's actually pretty easy to do. If you have some spare time tomorrow I can walk you through it if needed.

Once the picture is added simply go to the HTML view and look for the code from the picture. Adjust the height and width to fit our layout.

I've found that 400 is a perfect width and height doesn't really matter. For the sake of symmetry 400 x 400 works well, though.


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