Thursday, October 1, 2009

Brian vs. Justin - Week 4 CFB Predictions Tracker

Another week passed us by and the only movement was on the point differential side of the competition.

Both Justin and I improved our records this past weekend. He advanced to 5-3 while I am sitting at 7-1 and a comfortable (for the time being) lead.

In terms of point differential we both narrowed our margins from the previous weeks. Justin improved to a+11 point differential while I somehow sit at only +2 points differential for the young year. A lot can obviously change in just one week as we were both around +20 last week.

As stated last week there is not much opportunity for separation in overall records until a few weekends from now. At the moment we're just waiting to see if we both made the right picks or completely missed the mark.

It's not likely that Duke will upset VT this weekend but hey, anything is possible. Not since the days of Steve Spurrier have the Devils been a threat to anyone. Will this weekend be any different? No. But the Blue Devils have something going for them: it's almost basketball season.

Notre Dame takes on a talented Washington Huskies team still struggling to define its identity. Which Huskies team will show up: the one that beat USC two weekends ago or the one that suffered a letdown vs. Stanford last weekend?

I'm hoping for the latter.

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