Saturday, October 17, 2009


In seven hours from now the greatest intersectional rivalry in college football will once again resume. As always, high stakes and bragging rights are among the main storylines, though there are also rumblings of how important this game is for Charlie Weis' tenure. After all, he lacks a "signature win", has never beaten Southern Cal in four previous attempts, and has been embarrassed the past two seasons 76-3.

This isn't about Charlie, though. As pretentious as some make him out to be he has shunned all suggestions about how the outcome of this game will affect his job security.

Plain and simple: thus is for Notre Dame Nation and the hundreds of thousands of loyal fans who pine to defeat the western, non-Catholic version of our Lady's University.

It's time to put up or shut up. Last night at the pep rally there were recurring themes about earning respect, fighting war, and ending streaks (no more bowl losing streak, no more home losing streak to MSU, you get the picture).

I believe in this team and I have faith that everyone affiliated with the game this afternoon will have all energy focused on one thing and one thing alone: burying USC.

Let's go play some ball and see what our men, our fans, and the Notre Dame family are made of.

Go Irish, beat Trojans!

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