Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fire Bryan Stinespring

I admit that this is like beating a very, very dead horse, but in order for the Virginia Tech football program to reach the levels Frank Beamer and the fan base desire Bryan Stinespring must be relieved of his offensive coordinator duties. It was painfully obvious during the Hokies' hard-fought 34-24 loss to No. 5 Alabama Saturday night that Stinespring has made absolutely no progress as a coordinator.

Tech ran the ball effectively but Stinespring only called traditional rushing plays sporadically. The coaching staff raved about true freshman tailback David Wilson before the game, but he only touched the football once on a 3-yard pass reception. Stiney continued to call standard option plays (which failed to work every time) and insisted on calling deep passing plays that failed to materialize.

The Hokies mustered just 155 yards of total offense. Sure they were matched up against a terrific defense, but so were the Crimson Tide and they managed 498 yards.

I'm convinced Stinespring is the worst, most unqualified coordinator in the country and as a result I'm adding a link to another blog called appropriately, Fire Bryan Stinespring.

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