Thursday, September 17, 2009

College Football Quick Picks: Week 3

I've got a strange feeling about this weekend. Things are too quiet. I sense turmoil brewing, probably because No. 19 Nebraska at No. 13 Virginia Tech will only be viewed by about 16% of the country. We aren't getting the weekend's only top 25 match up here in New York, so we had to order ESPN GamePlan. Bastards. Something's afoot though, we'll see if it's reflected in my picks.

No. 14 Georgia Tech @ No. 20 Miami

Georgia Tech ran for a crazy amount of yards on the 'Canes last season, and I don't really see any reason why they can't repeat that. Miami is much improved, but I'm not putting too much stock in their Labor Day win over Florida State, because FSU sucks (more on that later). Look for the option to run wild in Miami, no doubt the least important "home field advantage" in sports. Miami fans are terrible and often fail to show up. I've seen it first hand.

Georgia Tech Wins

East Carolina @ No. 24 North Carolina

I thought UNC would be much improved this season, but after what I saw from them in their 12-10 win over UConn, I'm not sold. I had the Pirates in an upset over WVU which didn't pan out, but I've got a better feeling this time around.

East Carolina Wins

Louisville @ Kentucky

I don't think either of these teams are particularly good despite being 1-0. But of course it's a rivalry game so it should be close and hard-fought. Kentucky shut out a Miami (OH) team that has yet to score on offense this season and Louisville only beat Indiana State by 20 points.

Kentucky Wins

Virginia @ Southern Miss

I feel like this one is kind of cheating, but it's too tempting to pass up and I wanted an excuse to post that video. Virginia is just awful. I'm not just saying this as a Hokie. Watching part of the UVA-TCU debacle showed me that the 'Hoos just don't have much going in their favor. The spread offense appears to be a disaster and the only real question in Charlottesville is does Al Groh get fired now or at the end of the season?

Southern Miss Wins

Arizona @ Iowa

Iowa has had their share of adversity early in the season, losing running backs to injury and nearly losing their opener to FCS opponent Northern Iowa. Ricky Stanzi is a good quarterback though and he gives the Hawkeyes a chance. Arizona has posted some good early season stats and beat a good Central Michigan team in the opener.

Arizona Wins

Florida State @ No. 7 BYU

Florida State couldn't stop Miami if they wanted to on Labor Day, and they struggled to stop Jacksonville State in their last outing. FSU just isn't very good at all and now there are reports trickling out of Tallahassee saying there is unrest among the players, with some negative feelings directed at the coaching staff. The 'Noles are going to get embarrassed in this one, at home no less.

BYU Wins

Navy @ Pittsburgh

It's no secret to frequent readers that I like Navy and their offense. Pitt looked good against Buffalo, but I'm not sure how they'll defend the tricky offense of the Midshipmen.

Navy Wins

Northwestern @ Syracuse

This is it folks. This is the week that Syracuse breaks into the win column. The Orange probably should have won their opener, and didn't fare too badly last week against Penn State in Happy Valley. I think Greg Paulus will have a break out game and 'Cuse will scratch one out against the Wildcats.

Syracuse Wins


Justin Cates said...

Weeeeeeeeell that was embarrassing. Thanks a lot Gah Tech. Miami looks pretty legit.

Brian said...

When did Miami get good again? I guess it helps to have a state that is one of the primary breeding grounds for athletic talent: Florida. It also kind of helps that the NCAA has a cap on the number of scholarships. That at least gives all of the other Florida schools not named the "University of..." a chance at getting some homegrown talent.

Without Bobby Dodd can you ever trust a Ga. Tech team?

Bobby said...

Nice going CavMan. At least he didn't spike himself.

The Noles are in Provo this weekend. Would be an interesting game to see, especially considering the two schools polarizing views on what the main ingredient of a tailgate is.


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