Thursday, September 10, 2009

College Football Quick Picks: Week 2

After a satisfactory opening weekend, I hope to improve on my winning record. I probably will since two of my picks are "stone-cold locks". The irony of course being that there's no such thing in college football.

Clemson @ No. 15 Georgia Tech

I really don't think Clemson has much of anything to fear this season. Georgia Tech on the other hand is a force to be reckoned with. Jonathan Dwyer is the truth. Granted, I'm not sure they deserve all the hype they've gotten as far as winning the ACC is concerned, but time will tell on that one. With the Hokies losing week 1 the hype machine is only going to rev up more.

Georgia Tech Wins

Stanford @ Wake Forest

Wake lost a tough opener by three to Baylor and Brian and I have both been drinking Jim Harbaugh's special mix of Kool-Aid and think the Cardinal have a chance to be quite good this season. But, Stanford has to travel just a little further than Baylor did to get to Winston-Salem. That and Riley Skinner make the difference.

Wake Forest Wins

Pittsburgh @ Buffalo

This is a tough one. It's by far the big home game of the year for Bulls fans, but Pitt is a game bunch. Buffalo will be without their all-time leading rusher James Starks who is now out for the year after injuring his shoulder. Buffalo needed to run the football to take the pressure of the passing game. Not good.

Pittsburgh Wins

East Carolina @ West Virginia

Both teams struggled in their openers against teams thought to be "lesser" opponents. ECU having a tough time with Appalachian State is much more respectable than Liberty giving WVU trouble at home though. Patrick Pinkney is the difference here to make it two straight wins over West-by-God-Virginia. It may be a long season for the Mountaineers.

East Carolina Wins

UCLA @ Tennessee

I don't know much at all about these two teams. All I know is Lane Kiffin coaches the Vols. While he may be crazy, I think he may just be crazy like a fox. UCLA also had to go across the country while the fire unrest still is very much an issue back home.

Tennessee Wins

No. 3 USC @ No. 8 Ohio State

Ah yes, the big one on the banks of the Olentangy. Sadly, this won't live up to the hype. If there's one thing I know, it's that Big Ten teams A: aren't very good and B: are much much slower than Pac-10 teams. This one might be interesting for a while, but if Navy (a very solid team no doubt) can almost win in "The Horseshoe", I'm pretty certain USC can.

USC Wins

Ok there you go for week 2. Go out there and enjoy yourselves and we'll meet back here for picks next week.


Anonymous said...

James Starks for Buffalo injured his shoulder before the game against UTEP and did not play. The Bulls ran the ball well with Henry and Thermilus.

Justin Cates said...

Thanks for the info. Starks is still the best back and Pittsburgh is a better defense. Tough loss but I guess we'll see what the other kids can do.


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