Monday, September 21, 2009

Brian vs. Justin - Week 3 CFB Predictions Tracker, Superman Edition

Justin was right: it was a funny week. Although my beloved Irish got the win and further distanced myself from Justin in the W-L column Michael Floyd is likely out for the year with a broken collarbone.

I'm not sure why but someone forgot to tell Mark Dantonio that Floyd was out in the second half. Tate should have been doubled on for the rest of the game with the other half to the Dynamic Duo out, but thankfully that was not the case as Tate caught the game-winning touchdown. He then proceeded to Superman the Michigan State Spartans band. See for yourself:

Not sure how Armando Allen received an excessive celebration penalty last week in Ann Arbor while "shushing" the Wolverine crowd and Tate got away with this one. Perhaps because it was the coolest touchdown celebration in the history of football?

I would have gladly swapped the penalty in favor of this weekend because MSU has a history of late game meltdowns while Michigan does not. Our defense still might have collapsed in both games but maybe we would be 3-0 now instead of 2-1... I degress. C'est la vie.

With the ND victory this week I moved further ahead of Justin in the competition, sitting at 5-1 and a differential of 19 points while my associate is at 4-2 and a differential of 29 points.

There won't be much more movement until the middle of October with potential swing games of ND vs. USC and VT vs. GT.

I'll be surprised if either Justin or myself can keep the point differential below 50 points for the season. So far I am trending to a closer finish to that mark than Justin but we're only three games deep so there will be ample opportunities to climb up and down that ladder.

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