Sunday, September 13, 2009

Brian vs. Justin - Week 2 CFB Predictions Tracker

Perfection is no longer an option for myself or Justin as the Michigan Wolverines pulled out the surprising upset against Notre Dame. With the ND loss, I moved to a 3-1 season record with a combined point differential of +34 points while Justin has a 2-2 season record with a combined point differential of +25 points.

Next week will add more separation between Justin and I as he has MSU favored to beat the Irish while I have the Irish over the Spartans. There honestly won't be many opportunities for movement the rest of the year as Justin and I have very similar forecasts for each program.

I will do my part next weekend as I will be in South Bend hopefully willing the Irish to a victory and two-game lead over Justin. Time will tell...

1 comment:

Justin Cates said...

Sigh. I really wanted to pick Michigan too, but in the preseason I had nothing to base that on. My picks would be completely different week to week. Oh well.


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