Saturday, January 16, 2010

Todd McTool

I'm not going to pretend I know what tools are necessary traits to be a quarterback in the NFL. Aside from leadership, passing accuracy, and pocket presence I have no clue what else scouts look for.

Furthermore, I am oblivious to how they determine that player 'X' will help their franchise more than player 'Y'.

After watching the following clip, though, I got the impression that Todd McShay McTool has no idea either.

He purports that former Irish quarterback Jimmy Clausen should be a worrisome commodity to pro scouts because, among other things, he "has had a little bit of trouble in terms of getting beat up."

That, of course, is in reference to his freshman campaign in 2007 that featured an offensive line that surrendered a then record 58 sacks on the season.

Nonetheless, it is truly difficult to ascertain how a lack of adequate blocking is a reflection of Clausen's ability as a quarterback.

Mel Kiper agrees with my line of thinking and puts McShay in his place in the following segment.

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