Thursday, January 21, 2010

Les Henson and the Henson Heave

January 21st marks the 30th anniversary of what is known in Hokie lore as the "Henson Heave"

In a game at Florida State (playing in the old Metro conference) the Hokies led late, but the Seminoles rallied to take the late lead. It was then that Henson picked up the ball and tossed it the full length of the court to win.

There are two crazy things about it, the first being it only counted for two points as there was no three-point line yet.

Second, Henson threw the ball with his right hand and he normally shot left-handed. To be fair, I've heard Les was ambidextrous aside from his basketball shot.

Here's the actual video , and no, he wasn't out of bounds if you account for the fact the camera is shooting from mid-court. There are angles and math involved far too complicated for me to elaborate on, but there was also an official right there.

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