Thursday, January 14, 2010

More Tennessee Drama is the place to go for independent Tennessee football and basketball coverage, message boards and the personification of the general ignorance of their entire fan base. However, it's been struggling to handle all the web traffic of the past few days.

The shocking resignation and hiring of Lane Kiffin at USC started the disaster. As students took to the streets, literally blocking Kiffin from leaving Tennessee's athletic complex for several hours until a police escort was put together, the internet ran wild with rumors.

So far, it would appear that Tennessee has been turned down by Texas defensive coordinator and "head coach in waiting" Will Muschamp and Air Force head coach Troy Calhoun.

There are plenty of rumors surrounding Mike Leach and David Cutcliffe, but my gut tells me UT will be reluctant about Leach, another high-profile, big-ego guy.

Most sources indicate Cutcliffe still doesn't have any interest in the Vols. You may remember they approached him last season, but he elected to continue building the Duke program. I can't see anything changing in one season, if anything Duke is a much stronger team and has a bright upside.

Here's a link to a Huffington Post article that includes some great pictures of the students and their handy work on one of those free expression rocks found on many campuses that students can repaint.

Also, word now is that my boy Al Groh is likely going to be the defensive coordinator of the Miami Dolphins.

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Brian said...

Nice post. The link to the Huffington Post doesn't work, though.


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