Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lane Kiffin Heads Back To USC...LOLZ!

First, let me say that I'm extremely excited about the contribution of Mr. Chris Jones just below. I would have posted this last night as news broke, but I didn't want to bump his fine piece which I would encourage everyone to read.

That said, Lane Kiffin!!!! LOLZ!!!!

After one average to very average season in Knoxville (and a Hokie butt-whoopin' to cap it all off) Lane Kiffin is returning to Southern California as the head coach of USC.

What USC sees in their former offensive coordinator is beyond me. I think he can be a good coach, but he's now failed to prove himself during two very brief head-coaching stints.

Of course Papa Kiffin will be along once again so the defense is covered, Ed Orgeron is along to handle recruiting and word is offensive guru Norm Chow will be returning to USC as well. Lane will be in charge of the most overqualified staff in America.

This one will be tough to screw up.

Here's what is almost legitimately Florida coach Urban Myer's reaction to the news. Judging by the time in the game of this clip, you can piece together that it's about when news was breaking.

And finally the obligatory picture of Lane's smokin' hot wife Layla.

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