Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'm On a Mac

Seriously, we, the founders of Stars and Slights, are on Macs.

What's not to love about Apple? Aside from the chic designs of its products and the fact that Mac users encounter few (if any) viruses, Apple has literally revolutionized the tech industry with must-have gadgets.

Why else would CNBC produce a segment called "Planet of the Apps" in honor of the Apple product (iPhone) that pioneered the use of applications in mobile technology?

In honor of our support of Apple we invite you to view the following spoof of the popular SNL video "I'm on a Boat."

This particular video, entitled "I'm on a Mac", was created by the Pantless Knights. Hats off to these hilarious gentlemen for a witty and slightly inappropriate way to yet again communicate why Macs are better than PCs.

1 comment:

Justin Cates said...

Aw man now we look like those Apple snobs that think PCs can't do anything.

Macs are only good for tasks that you...well actually want to accomplish.


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