Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Final 2009 College Football Predictions Tracker

With the regular season no longer upon us it is time to reflect on the pre-season projections made here at Stars and Slights.

I finished 17-8 on the year (17-7 excluding the non-existent ACC championship game featuring the Hokies) with a point differential of -102 overall. Not terrible but not great, either.

Justin finished with an identical 17-8 record on the year (17-7 without factoring the ACC championship game) with a point differential of +41. Very solid.

Playing by Price is Right rules I would get the nod as champion but we here at Stars and Slights don't believe in that silly rule. We're taking it up with Mr. Barker as we speak even though we hear he's got a pretty good jab and left hook.

That said, I hereby declare Justin as the 2009 college football predictions winner as a result of the point spread tie-breaker.

Below are the final tabulated results.

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