Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Vick Still Owns Atlanta

So, I haven't posted anything recently. I've been in a motivational rut and while I still haven't gotten out of it, I felt compelled to post something.

I have been wanting to give some props to Michael Vick who played his most significant game since his return to the NFL last Sunday.

Vick returned to Atlanta, a city he once owned where he was loved by all and exulted as the greatest athlete and biggest celebrity in a city filled with both.

He was greeted with a fairly even mix of boos and cheers. I expected it, but still found people booing the only man that ever really made the Falcons matter pretty comical.

I understand the feelings of betrayal and the broken trust. It's just heartwarming to see how quickly people turn on one another when someone screws up. Just ask Tiger Woods.

Anyway, Vick played great, completing two of two passes for 48 yards and a touchdown and rushing four times for 17 yards and a touchdown.

It was the 11th time in his NFL career that Vick scored at least one rushing and passing touchdown in the same game.

It was a lot of fun to watch, and it was nice to see the Eagles actually use Vick in a smart way for once.

Vick had been made pretty much just a wildcat runner, which essentially set him up for failure. The defense stopped respecting his passing ability completely because he never did it.

Maybe now defenders will have a reason to think twice.

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