Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tim Brown Reveals Former Employer Does Not Care for ND Players

In a recent interview with RadioSportsInterviews.com Tim Brown shared a rather shocking quote from former employer, owner Al Davis of the LA/Oakland Raiders, which follows below.
"Meeting Al was pretty unique," Brown told RadioSportsInterviews.com. "I found out five or 10 minutes after my first practice that he hated African-American athletes from Notre Dame. And they literally told me that. They literally told me that because we're known for using our education more than our athletic ability that he thought that I would be one of these guys that would basically take the money and run. I don't know if that was a ploy to get me amped up, but it certainly worked."
Maybe that doesn't come as big of a surprise to some of you. After all, Al hasn't been running on all cylinders lately.

Thanks to Michael Rothstein of the Journal Gazette, and Irish Insights, for posting about this interview.

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