Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Song Of The Day- Goldfinger!

This one is sure to make Brian a happy man.

This song absolutely reeks of freshman and sophomore years of high school for me. As I recall, this song served as the tune playing over the opening scenes of our full-length feature film "The Three Splooges".

While the film was generally panned by critics (or at least I panned it), it was a tremendous amount of fun to make. It was however not much fun editing together hours and hours of essentially unrelated material to form a very loose plot that was really just an excuse for tomfoolery.

I know we have some of the footage still saved on various computers and I have the raw footage on tapes. Perhaps in time we'll share some of the less inappropriate bits if we can find any.

Anyway, this is a great song. It makes me want to drive to Brian's house and film him running down the hill.

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