Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Point The Blame

Ask and ye shall receive.

To my comrade's point earlier today, the song featured in the introductory portion of the movie was actually "Point the Blame" by a band called Catch 22.

Off of their first full length album, Alone in a Crowd, Catch 22 originally intended for Point the Blame to be their first single. They went so far as to shoot a music video to promote the album but ran into financial difficulties and were unable to finish shooting.

Fortunately, the making of The Three Splooges literally required no funding at all. We had all of the necessary items (video camera, food, duct tape, on-site locations, etc.) at our fingertips for free discretionary use.

Provided below is the opening clip from the movie with the Catch 22 song playing in the background.

For some odd reason the original video file I had was in an mp3 format, which was confusing iMovie when I tried to import for editing. To work around the issue I went to and downloaded a video converter program called VideoVangelist.

The program is free to try but only allows conversion of up to the first 5 minutes of a video. If you wish to convert files longer than 5 minutes in length you'll need to fork over $10.00.

Side note - still an excellent find by Justin earlier today. Superman was on the soundtrack for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (Underground) game and that is how I was first exposed to it. Very catchy tune.

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