Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Virginia Tech Takes NFL to Task on Helmet Safety

Virginia Tech's outstanding Engineering programs are world-renowned for cutting edge research in countless fields, so it makes sense when there's a Hokie breakthrough in football injuries.

For years, Tech footballers have been using the High Impact Telemetry System (HITS) to determine the severity of impacts suffered during football activities.

This ESPN article spells out the details and the video below from Discovery Science gives you a visual look.

Basically, engineers put sensors in the helmets to measure the force of impacts at several important spots on the head.

The ESPN story paints a frustrating picture about the NFL's stance on helmet regulations. Player safety concerns are at an all-time high as they should be. Increased money for retired players has been an important part of the NFL's new collective bargaining negotiations.

Hopefully new data can continue to fuel the football safety movement and help keep players at all levels of football healthy.

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