Monday, July 18, 2011

Man Lives After Falling Without a Deployed Parachute from 15,000 Feet

If you're a frequent visitor of Stars and Slights you know that we like to have a good time. Sometimes, we're all for taking on the extreme. Other times, not so much. File this on into the latter category.

This past Sunday, National Geographic aired a documentary called "The Indestructibles," which was a compilation of miraculous survival stories.

What follows is a partial clip of one particular story aired in the segment - a group of skydiver's watched as their friend's parachute failed to open from 15,000 feet. As remarkable a story as this is, it is honestly quite frightening.

As reported by GrindTV, five years ago Michael Holmes plummeted to what surely seemed like it would be his death after both his main chute and backup chutes failed to properly deploy. The main chute failed entirely, while the backup only partially deployed.

It was too little, too late by the the time the backup deployed, though, as Holmes crashed on some plants. Since my lead in already spoiled the outcome you already know that he survived. What is most unbelievable to me is not that he survived with only minor injuries (contusions, two broken bones, and no damage to internal organs including his brain), but that he still continues to skydive after the horrible accident! Maybe his brain was injured after all?

I'm reminded of the saying, "There are only two things that fall from the sky - bird s*&! and fools."

Suffice it to say, Michael Holmes while certainly lucky is an enormous fool.

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