Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lineman Extraordinaire Chris Stewart Signs with Jets

Last season the party line was that Chris Stewart moved from OL to 1L. Ever wonder what a day in the life of a college football player and full-time law student wrapped into one would entail? Here is your answer.

According to Notre Dame records, Stewart became the first football player in school history to be accepted into Notre Dame Law School. In fact, he was the only Division 1 collegiate football player to enroll in law school last season, but that's a different story.

Given his graduate level education a future profession in the courtroom awaits Stewart. But those plans will be put on hold as he strives to excel at another profession: an NFL offensive lineman.

Yesterday Stewart signed a deal with the Jets and will compete for a position on their roster once camp starts on Monday, August 1.

The 6'5", 351 pound Stewart played on both sides of the ball during his five years at Notre Dame but with such a large frame he projects as an offensive guard at the next level. Offensive guard is a position of need for the Jets so Stewart's presence will be more than welcome.

Even if his NFL career falters, he can always turn to law to earn a pretty penny in his professional career.

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