Saturday, July 9, 2011

Rory McIlroy's Back Yard is Cooler Than Yours

No, that photo is not of the 'road hole bunker' from the Old Course at St. Andrews - it's from an exact replica of the road hole bunker in Rory McIlroy's backyard.

Actually, according to Rory's interview with BBC he reveals it is slightly deeper than the infamous sand trap belonging to arguably the world's most famous course. For a complete look at the segment filmed at his backyard check out this page on the BBC Sport website.

He even shares some intriguing information regarding his preparation for tournaments. If he wants to stay home to practice for an event he will get in touch with tournament officials or greenskeepers from the participating course to find out the intended stimp meter level that will be used on the greens in competition. Brilliant!

Speaking of greenskeepers, Rory has a few to help maintain his back yard oasis. He literally does not have to leave his home to play championship level golf. 

What's next for Rory? Perhaps he'll build a replica of the iconic 18th hole from St. Andrews, like the below photo.

Game on.

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