Monday, January 31, 2011

Steelers Super Bowl XLV Mixtape

Times sure have changed for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Over the course of franchise history they have gone from relative unknown, to merging with their cross-state brethren, to once again emerging as their own entity and to great heights as Super Bowl champions.

Back in the time of their humble beginnings as a blue-collar steel town - hence the name Steelers - the Black and Gold men from Pittsburgh helped establish one of the greatest cult followings in sports history.

Yes, the infamous Terrible Towel really is that revered.

The late Myron Cope, renowned announcer of the Steelers during the 'Steel Curtain' days, popularized the phenomenon in the 70's. Right about that time the Steelers started to take off, winning four super bowls in six years. Legend has it that Cope was charged with inventing a gimmick to motivate the team and the city of Pittsburgh before the 1975 playoffs.

From there, he bore the idea of the Terrible Towel and the idea stuck. Ever since its birth in 1975, the Steelers second consecutive super bowl season, legions of fans have carried their towels to bars, games, weddings, even memorials.

In preparation for Super Bowl XLV this Sunday, February 6 it's time to start another Pittsburgh Tradition with "Back in Black and Yellow." It's a pretty cool mashup by one of my former college professors, Matt Merten.

Though he claims no allegiance to the Steelers he did admit the mashup is swaying him towards the Black and Yellow.

As the Steelers vie for their NFL record seventh Super Bowl championship what will pump you up? Perhaps a little ACDC and Wiz Khalifa will help set the tone for a victory over the Packers in Dallas.

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