Monday, January 17, 2011

PGA Tour Golfer Ben Crane Is Nuts

Most golfers not named Tiger Woods have the unfortunate stereotype of being boring and decidedly unfunny. Every once in a while however someone will surprise you.

Ben Crane isn't really a household name. Though he's won three times at the PGA level, he's mostly known for being one of the slowest players on tour. He was once infamously playing so slowly that Rory Sabbatini played around him. Sabbatini was later penalized for being a douche.

Apparently, Crane is also now known for his "out there" brand of humor that's most definitely right up my alley and hopefully yours.

This first video is Crane's workout regimen. It's gotten over 100,000 youtube views but it deserves many more.

The second video is Crane discussing his pre-round routine. Genius.

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