Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hokie Graduate Creates Living Room Beer Cannon

There are certain events that simply cannot be appreciated in their own time. Sometimes it's an idea that people aren't ready for. More often, it's simply an event so important that the only way to gain proper perspective of it is to allow the passing of time.

This is one such idea.

25 year-old Virginia Tech graduate Ryan Rushnak may have finally put an end to the age old problem of getting up off the couch to obtain a cold frosty beverage.

Who wants to beat feet to the kitchen on a crucial third down when you can have a beer sent—excuse me, launched— to you via an iphone app?

Such is the beauty of this homemade device.

It uses a mini fridge capable of storing up to four kinds of beer mounted on a slightly modified end table. There's a sensor in there to communicate with the iphone and a webcam for easy beer targeting.

The demonstration below shows only two problems; a lack of refined palettes (i.e. Bud drinkers) and a tendency to shake the beer in the transfer between the fridge and launcher powered by compressed air.

I have no doubt these minor issues will be worked out in due course.

Virginia Tech, invent the future we shall.

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