Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Shamrock Helmet Pictures Released by Notre Dame for 'Under the Lights' Matchup

While we haven't yet caved in to the Twitter craze it is hard to turn a blind eye to it at times. Count this as one of those 'hard to turn a blind eye' times.

Ryan Grooms, a Notre Dame Football equipment manager, started his own feed and regularly tweets updates on the Irish's uniforms. Among his tweets this week was one revealing the official shamrock helmet to be worn by the Irish this weekend in the 'Under the Lights' game against Michigan.

The one posted by Grooms is more official than the one at the header of this post, which is one you could actually purchase here if your heart so desires. Note how an 'Irish' moniker was added to the sidestraps as well as a font change from black to green was made at the top of the face mask.

At the very least, the Irish will be sharply dressed when they run onto the field in their throwbacks against the Wolverines.

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