Sunday, June 12, 2011

Notre Dame Unveils Throwbacks for 'Under The Lights' Game at Michigan

On September 10, 2011 Notre Dame will Michigan in the first ever night football game at Michigan Stadium. To celebrate the event, the two teams and their apparel sponsor Adidas, partnered to honor past uniform designs.

The throwbacks were unveiled on Friday for both Notre Dame and Michigan and if the designs are any indication of how the teams will perform on the field I must say Notre Dame is primed to send Wolverines fans disappointedly back to their homes.

For the Irish, the uniform alterations are modest at best. The traditional blue numbering will change to green and two green stripes will be added to both shoulders. Additionally, they will wear white socks with two green stripes along with white and green shoes.

The biggest change will come on the helmet as shamrocks will be added to both sides for the first time since the 1960s.

For the Wolverines, a block 'M' will replace the typical numbers shown in their uniforms along with the addition of maize and blue stripes along the sides, which remind me of Marquette's basketball jerseys. Numbers will be added to their helmets and a small number will adorn the upper left chest. Also, according to their press release the block 'M' and numbers are marked with a "quilting stitch design" that, quite frankly, looks like shattered glass.

Ultimately, while the intent is to commemorate the first night game at Michigan Stadium this is certainly an added way to generate revenue for the two schools and the adidas brand.

That said, I could honestly care less what the motives behind the move are as I find it refreshing and nostalgic to celebrate one's history.

After all, the only thing fans on either side will find fashionable after the game is a win. Here's to an Irish victory while looking sharp doing it.


Justin Cates said...

Are you kidding me? That Michigan kit is badass! They're both pretty good, but I like the big M.

I added a picture of one on Denard Robinson. These things always look better on real players.

Brian said...

The 'quilted' effect looks even worse on a human than computerized. I agree real players usually make the uniforms look better, but in this case I suppose the only place they could go was up since they were already at rock bottom in my opinion.

The style of the numbers looks good... as does the old school adidas logo (always been a big fan of that).


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