Thursday, June 16, 2011

500th Post

Excitement abounds here at Stars & Slights as we celebrate our first 500 posts.

To mark the occasion, I've put together a little photoshop featuring some of our favorite characters. There could be many, many others, but space was limited and I chose mainly based on the pictures I found and what I thought I could do with them.

We'd like to thank everyone who actually reads this blog regularly, and even the people who randomly stumble upon our little corner of the Internet.

During our time sporadically posting, we've managed to attract over 31,000 unique visitors literally spanning the globe, and a great many of you have chosen to keep coming back.

We hope you enjoy the things we find to bring to your attention, and your patience is beyond appreciated.

I hope in the coming posts we begin to really challenge you intellectually and perhaps see what kind of a sense of humor everyone has. Content will continue to vary based on our personal whims and while certain individuals don't post often enough (AHEM!) we will continue to strive for an enjoyable, unexpected read every time you stop by.

Keep reading and leave some comments to let us know what you want and think. Just remember, I relish tearing apart dumb/ignorant/insulting comments so be true to yourselves and comment intelligently.

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