Sunday, April 24, 2011

New Incubus Music

Just about every time I forget Incubus is still an active band they release a new record. That's the case once again as they have apparently readied a new album, If Not Now, When? slated for release July 12.

The first single is "Adolescents" which is available for purchase, but you can also listen to it below.

It seems to be pretty standard Incubus fare, though perhaps a bit generic on first listen. Still it's exciting to hear new music from the group, plus this could grow on me.

Anyway, Enjoy Incubus. Get it? (Hint: the band website is

Adolescents by incubus


KitchenSienk said...

I completely agree that it sounded very generic, at least when compared to the band's two most recent albums. The sound was pleasing though and I'm interested to hear the rest.

However, I do long for the days of old Incubus-ing. Distorted guitars, some heavier vocals and perhaps some turntable scratching.

Justin Cates said...

Yeah I'm kind of hoping for a return to the Morning View era. That seemed to blend all their styles together nicely in a tight little package. Real mellow and chill juxtaposed with abrasive guitar licks.

Dissonance creates tension! Tension pleases everyone!

Brian said...

We're all on the same page here... very much an underwhelming effort.

I actually wouldn't mind a return to Make Yourself or Science. Even A Crow Left of the Murder was unique, musically sound, and not boring.

Hopefully the other tracks on this album are more than ho-hum.


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