Wednesday, April 20, 2011

ESPN's Three For The Show: Tyrod Taylor

Virginia Tech quarterback Tyrod Taylor is one of the most gifted athletes in the entire 2011 NFL Draft, but he continues to hear knocks on his ability to play his position. He's the fastetst quarterback in the draft (4.51 40-yard dash) and he really has an underrated arm.

He might be a small project, but the upside for him is tremendous.

Here's a look behind the scenes from ESPN as Tyrod prepares for the NFL Draft and all that goes into it.

Of special note in the highlight reel at the begining, at 2:42 there's a Tyrod run from a game in Blacksburg that I believe had Mr. Sienkiewicz and perhaps Mr. Jones in attendance. Correct if I'm wrong gentlemen, the memory is clouded by Evan Williams.

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cwjones83 said...

evan williams green is the cause of your clouded memory.


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