Wednesday, April 27, 2011

ESPN's Three For The Show: Tyrod Taylor PART 2

I've heard people say in the past that Michael Vick isn't a very smart quarterback. I've heard people say that Tyrod Taylor isn't an NFL quarterback at all. As Part 2 of ESPN's behind the scenes look at Tyrod's draft preparations shows, both guys know their stuff.

Michael's proven it on the field, but you can really tell here how much he's matured in football terms. You wouldn't expect it but there he is in the second of the videos below tutoring a young quarterback in the nuances of the west coast offense. A very proud moment for Hokie football.

The show also follows Auburn standout and Heisman Trophy winner (for now) Cam Newton along with Washington QB Jake Locker. Locker also represents himself well on the show when discussing X's and O's along with the physical aspects of things.

Cam Newton just doesn't seem very smart. Whenever he attempts to dissect a play, you can almost hear him thinking, "This guy should be here...or...wait...ummm...RUN!!!"

Anyway, this is quality television and good publicity for Mr. Taylor.

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