Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring Fever: Notre Dame Football Spring Game to be Televised on Versus

Notre Dame's spring football game, affectionately known as the Blue-Gold game, is spicing things up for its 83rd installment.

On April 16, for the first time in school history, the school will televise its annual intrasquad spring practice finale. Versus will show the event at 2pm CST, hosted by Liam McHugh. Interviews will be conducted throughout the game with Irish head coach Brian Kelly.

Versus is owned by NBCUniversal, a subsidiary of Comcast, so it should be no surprise that the channel will also feature additional Notre Dame football coverage. Fittingly, on St. Patrick's Day, March 17, Versus will rebroadcast three classic Irish games - the 1992 "Snow Bowl" game against Penn State (5pm EST), the 2005 "Bush Push" game against USC (7pm EST), and the 1993 "Game of the Century" against Florida State (9pm EST).

Truth be told it does not make sense why the "Bush Push" game will be televised ahead of any other game where the Irish emerged victorious, even though Southern Cal was forced to vacate its victory in lieu of a rules violation scandal by Reggie Bush.

What about the "Green Jersey" game from 1977 or the"Chicken Soup" game from January 1979 featuring a young Joe Montana? These were both equally exciting games with much better real time results. A victory five years after the fact is not really a victory.

Regardless, if you are an avid Irish fan like yours truly and are unable to attend this year's spring football game fear not. Versus will bring Notre Dame football right where it belongs - your television set.


Justin Cates said...

When the NCAA vacates wins, that doesn't mean the team that originally lost gets a win. It's like the game was never played.

The result isn't reflected in official NCAA record books, in terms of the series record (in this case USC-ND) it's as if they never played that year.

Vacating does not equal a forfeit. A forfeit would in fact count as a win for the other team.

Stupid? Yes. Confusing? Sure. But technically, those are the rules in the hypocritical world of the NCAA.

Brian said...

Alas, you are right. I've corrected above. Agreed a dumb rule. I most certainly know the game occurred. I was there. Ugh.


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