Monday, March 7, 2011

Jacob Tucker Dunking Machine

White men can jump. Seriously. If you have any doubts take some time to reconsider while watching this video of Senior men's basketball player Jacob Tucker of Division III Illinois College.

The video was made as an attempt to earn Tucker admittance in the 2011 NCAA Dunk Contest and from the looks of it the committee or powers-that-be to decide the field of contestants will have a hard time denying him the opportunity to compete. It is possible there are rules that state participants must be enrolled in an NCAA Division I school but one could argue that in this case the rules could be bent.

Perhaps the most astounding thing about Tucker's dunks is that he is only 5'11". In order to create such spectacular feats of flight he utilizes an unheard of 50 inch vertical leap and, of course, the help of some teammates.

Tucker played his last game in a Blueboys uniform on February 25, 2011 when the Blueboys lost to Grinnell College in the semifinals of the Midwest Conference Tournament in De Pere, WI.

Even if this video is his "15 seconds of fame"and he is denied the opportunity to compete in the dunk contest he should view the production as a success and testament to his talents. In this case, though, perhaps it should be called his "50 seconds of fame."

Prepare to be amazed. If you are really into "trick shot" videos take a gander at this prior post of UCONN quarterback Johnny McEntee when you have finished Tucker's.


Justin Cates said...

This video just proves to me how desensitized I am to dunks. There were a couple nice bits, but only two that I thought were really really nice.

In game dunks are just better. No excitement here.

Brian said...

Not a bad interpretation. Based on highlights I saw of this year's NBA dunk contest I think Jacob would actually have fared well in that competition, but that's a different story.

There comes a point when it is difficult to invent new and exciting ways to throw down but at the end of the day in its simplest form, a dunk is a dunk is a dunk.

I am most impressed by the hops on this kid.


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