Saturday, December 4, 2010

ACC Championship: Florida State vs. Virginia Tech

It's a rematch of the game that has created some of Virginia Tech's highest and lowest moments.

From the 2000 National Championship game that saw the Hokies on the cusp of the crystal football, to an embarrassing loss in the 2005 ACC Championship, Tech and FSU have had a number of memorable games in recent years.

Tonight in Charlotte, both teams vie for an ACC title and an automatic berth in the BCS. the winner heads to the Discover Orange Bowl and the loser wonders what could have been.

Enjoy the games today and let's give a special shout out to Bobby West. His duel citizenship in Blacksburg and Tallahassee always makes for an interesting subplot when these two schools meet in any sport. Choose wisely today sir.


shivets said...
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Bobby said...

Today, I am a pilgrim in an unholy land. Go Hokies!


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