Friday, March 19, 2010

SportsIllustrated iPad Video

I came across this video per the recommendation of the creative director at my company. He is absolutely an Apple addict and he knows that I have a strong affinity for the company, too.

Several weeks ago when the iPad was first announced I remember having a conversation with him about our skepticism regarding the practicality of the product. We both agreed, at the time, that the iPad showed no real value for either of us nor could we see it ever providing any down the road.

To us it seemed like a cooler version of the Kindle, which neither of us had interest in anyway. Sure, checking email on a larger traveling device than an iPhone is cool but who would want to lug around such a large device?

Fast forward a few weeks after that initial conversation to when SportsIllustrated released a video about potential integration that the acclaimed sports magazine might deliver with the iPad.

The video is embedded below. Let's just say that both of us were 'wowed' after viewing it and might be inclined to purchase said device.


Baby Cronk said...

Another video about iPad. This one takes the mocking route.

: ) Lisa

Justin Cates said...

I still don't want one, but it's certainly one of the better attempts to make newspapers and magazines relevant again. Good video.


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