Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bill O'Reilly Flips Out (Remix Baby)

So, apparently the blog has been thoroughly abandoned by Brian and I. I admit, I've been checking it daily with no real ideas for things to post and secretly hoping Brian had added something.

Well, after far too much time I return with something that literally made me laugh out loud.

This clip is a little old, but I hadn't seen it until just now.

The original clip surfaced several years ago from an old blow-up Bill O'Reilly had while attempting to tape the closing to one of Inside Edition, long before the O'Reilly Factor aired.

He verbally abused his staff for some teleprompter issues and well, it led to vulgar hilarity.

This video is an amazing remix that shuffles O'Reilly's gaff into joy for everyone.

WARNING: This is extremely vulgar and says a certain expletive starting with the letter F over 50 times.

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