Thursday, March 11, 2010

Americans Just Love Bacon

I enjoy bacon from time to time. It's very tasty and can make a nice addition at breakfast or on a burger of some kind. I just don't see a need to put it in or on everything.

I know everyone is concerned that we don't have enough artery-clogging garbage food in this country, but rest assured, the folks in product development have been hard at work integrating bacon into everything.

The latest product to join in on the bacon craze is Bakon Vodka, the first "premium bacon flavored vodka".

See what they did there? They misspelled it with a "K" to make it "Kool". You know it must be a classy product if it's misspelled.

Of course just adding a thoroughly unappetizing flavor to alcohol doesn't make it worse for you; it just makes it gross.

There are plenty of awful bacon-related products out there for people who crave heart disease but are too lazy to actually make the bacon themselves.

The chief offender is probably Baconnaise, billed as "The world's ultimate bacon-flavored spread".

To be fair though, I stumbled upon this awful product today from Sweden, Squeez Bacon.

I'll point out that these products, while disgusting, appear to only be flavored to taste like bacon, and don't seem to contain any of the actual meat.

But to those makers of Baconnaise who claim, "Everything Should Taste Like Bacon" I counter with, no, no it shouldn't.

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Bobby said...

I feel that an accurate representation of public attitude for some object/thing is well measured through a Google search. The "bacon" image results do not disappoint and simultaneously validate your post.


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