Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cry Me A River, Vick

Michael Vick signed with the Philadelphia Eagles late last week in a move that shocked many fans. Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the deal was that Vick signed with the Eagles - a team in no need of QB help as Donovan McNabb has been at the helm for quite sometime.

But, the biggest news from the Vick case is not that he was reinstated into the NFL and quickly latched on to a team.

The big bad wolf (perhaps a poor choice of words, eh?) said that he cried while in prison... and I'm supposed to feel sorry for him?

I find it shameful and equally offensive that Vick thinks the world should feel empathetic toward his 23-month stay while incarcerated in Leavenworth, KS. Rather than fulfilling his full sentence in the federal penitentiary in Kansas he was released after 19 months, forced to endure 4 torturous months of home confinement in his mansion in Hampton, VA.

Give me a break and cry me a friggen river, Vick. Any pain or suffering he endured is nothing compared to the torture, cruelty, and outright inhumanity of his malicious behavior.

I would take a league full of Pete Rose's (who I believe did no harm to his sport, but that's another story) in lieu of a league with one slime-ball like Vick. Go back to prison, jerk.


Justin Cates said...

Damn it Brian I can't even log onto my own blog without hearing about this?

He doesn't want your damn sympathy, people just want to know what on Earth he was thinking before, after, during the last few years. Excuse him if he's attempting to put his life back together in some fashion. Football is his job so that's what he's going to do and the Eagles were smart enough to bring him on board and now they're going to win the Super Bowl if they use him properly.

Yes he's a terrible person but he's the most talented athlete I've ever seen in person (with the exception of maybe Tiger Woods who is a huge cry baby himself) and I for one will savor the chance to watch him run circles around people once again.

Fly Eagles Fly as it were.

Brian said...

I was beginning to wonder how long it would take for a comment on this one...

My biggest beef with this situation is that Vick is being made into a martyr - from both the league and now even PETA.

I understand it usually takes someone who has personal experience dealing with a problem such as this (i.e. a former alcoholic is a typical spokesperson for Alcoholics Anonymous) but I find it hard to beieve he was crying about what he had done rather than the fact that he was losing money and had tainted his name.

Does he still have the chance to have a successful post-canine career? Yes. I just don't feel like he is in a place to speak out about how hard he had it in prison. Of course it was tough. that's why most civilized human beings try to avoid behavior that will put them there (that and their ethics or morals...).

I don't disagree he is a talented athlete. I've never had the opportunity to see him play.

Maybe I'll get to see him play Favre in the same game this year at the Metrodome... that would be fun.


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