Saturday, August 8, 2009

Brian vs. Justin 2009 College Football Pick'em Competition

As part of a new season-long feature on Stars and Slights, Justin and I are going to embark in a friendly competition.

College Football season is already entertaining enough but I thought it would be fun for Justin and I to make predictions before the season about Notre Dame and Virginia Tech and keep track of who picked the most number of games correctly.

Aside from choosing the winner of each ND and VT game we will also provide scores of said games... just in case there is a need to break a tie at the end of the year.

Each week we will provide an update on the standings of this competition.

Moreover, look for a secret project to be unveiled in the coming weeks.

With 28 days left until the start of the 2009 campaign for both teams it is time everyone start preparing for a long, arduous, and exciting season.

May the best team(s) win!

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