Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cover Tuesday: Peppers, an Apple and Multiple Boys

By Justin Cates

I really dig Fiona Apple and on this song she reaches into the Beatles back catalog to cover "Across the Universe".

It's by no means one of the best Beatles songs, but it's still good music in it's own right. On a side note, I've never entirely warmed up to the film of the same name though there were certainly some good bits in it.

Essentially, I thought it was the Beatles adapted for teenage girls. Remember, send those angry comments of dissent to Brian.

Anyway, as she often does Fiona Apple performs this song beautifully with a hint of melancholy. It doesn't hurt that the music video depicts something I can only describe as "beautiful chaos".

I could be crazy, but around the 3:45 mark I'm relatively certain that John C. Reilly steals a record from the juke box then leaps out the window.

Apparently, Fall Out Boy are about to release another album but I can't say I really care anymore. At the risk of sounding like a hipster who dislikes a band once it gets popular, they kind of lost me with their more recent releases but I really enjoyed the first few albums they made.

Their first EP My Heart Will Always Be the B-Side to My Tongue, was released in may of 2004 and featured acoustic renditions of two of their previous songs, two new acoustic tracks and this cover of Joy Division's 1980 song "Love Will Tear Us Apart".

When you strip away all the other stuff going on in their songs, you can begin to appreciate that Patrick Stump actually has a good voice when he's not screeching depressing Pete Wentz lyrics.

This last one is one of those classic surprises where I don't even know how I found it.

This is the Red Hot Chili Peppers covering the Beach Boys standard "I Get Around".

It stays true to the original while still giving it a distinct Peppers flavor. Flea's funky bass—complete with a pelvic thrust—and John Frusciante's guitar flair reminds us who's covering this classic.

I was really impressed with the vocals. I never realized the range of Frusciante. He totally nails the falsetto here and the group's harmonies make me happy.

Here's hoping they do the same for you.

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