Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy Birthday to Brian!

Clearly, Ms. Monroe isn't remotely close to having enough candles on this cake to properly honor Brian, but it's the posthumous thought that counts.

While Brian has been noticeably absent as far as recent posts are concerned, he claims new stuff will appear in due time.

I can't wait for a spring review of Notre Dame basketball culminating with a strict condemnation of those retina-searing abominations masquerading as "basketball uniforms" worn by the Irish during their final Big East tournament.

Look away! Look away! These make staring at the sun seem reasonable.

Ugh, I just vomited birthday cake everywhere. kind of matches the uniforms.

If only there was someone around who could put the proper spin on this. A wise old sage who could lend us some perspective. A critical voice of reason to rise above the cacophony of nonsense.

I'd even settle for a post from Brian.

Happy Birthday buddy*

* Yes I know his Birthday is the 17th. 

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