Friday, February 11, 2011

Weezer Covers State Farm Song

Most people likely have no idea that the State Farm jingle is actually just part of an entire song.

It was written long ago by a young Barry Manilow; yes the same creepy lounge singer you're thinking of.

Manilow wrote advertising jingles prior to becoming a successful recording artist. He also wrote the Band-Aid jingle.

Anyway, Weezer got their "Memories" tour from a while back sponsored by State Farm and conversely agreed to record this tune at a later date.

It's interesting because despite being about as commercial a song as there can be, it's as vintage-sounding a Weezer recording as has been released in the last ten years.

As drummer Pat Wilson said on the All Things Weezer message boards this week,

It's kind of good because =w= sounds good when we play in a room together at the same time with Rivers on gtr and me on drums. That took us about 45 minutes vs 12+ months for Raditude. This is why I'm in semi facepalm constantly!

Interestingly candid, but far from shocking observations on the dysfunctional nature of this band.

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Justin Cates said...

On a side note, State Farm is blindingly stupid for disabling the video for being directly viewed on other websites.

Yet another example of the corporate machine being averse to technology and free publicity.


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