Thursday, February 24, 2011

Alligator Jay-Dee!

This story (linked below) from the Globe's spring training report illustrates exactly why Boston loves J.D. Drew. Just a fearless competitor. I'm absolutely stoked that the Sox have carried on the "Cowboy-up" persona long after Kevin Millar and Derek Lowe have left Beantown.

Can you see A-Rod trying to pull this off? He'd probably hit the gator with his purse!


Justin Cates said...

J.D. Drew has always really annoyed me. Barring '04 and '06, he's never had anything more than an average to good season statistically yet he's always portrayed as some great hitter to be feared (of course he is, as are most MLBers).

Definitely gets props from me though for trying to kill a gator. I'm a bit of a croc-0-phile myself.

KitchenSienk said...

This is a perfect example of why this blog will be great in the future. We're going to post favorites, debate, agree, fight, bash and high-five at all times. Four unique personalities...going to be awesome.

As for J.D. - you're absolutely right, but you've got to respect that the dude brings it every day.

Michelle Brintnall said...
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Brian said...

Be careful how you word it... As humbly as possible I must contend that Stars and Slights was great since inception. Like a fine wine, it will continue to improve with age.


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