Monday, February 28, 2011

Remembering Erica Blasberg

A year after her startling suicide, ESPN's Outside The Lines program recently did a feature on Erica Blasberg and it's quite unsettling.

I'll be honest, one of my motivations in sending this around was so I wouldn't be the only one who had to watch it.

I was already pretty low before this—I find myself deeply depressed by simply being reminded of her death, let alone it being a suicide and then the other details gleaned from this report.

I've idealized her a good bit in my mind I suppose. I always enjoyed our sizzling spring days spent imbibing alongside beautiful and talented ladies back home. I always thought, perhaps foolishly, that we were at the center of the golfing world and even there, I really thought she stood out. Sure, we convinced ourselves that she was eyeing us that one afternoon (and maybe she was) but there was definitely something about her that sent my heart skipping. We had some kind of connection, however minimal it might be.

Man was she gorgeous, and she was definitely very talented, though I think it was clear in person that something wasn't quite clicking in her game. I thought it might be the stress of the tour. Unfortunately, it extended much further than that.

As Andy touched on, anything like this is tragic and senseless. Given my mental proclivities to the darker side, I can relate to the feelings of hopelessness. I cannot relate to putting a bag over my head to end my existence. That is heavier than I care to fathom.

Sorry guys. It's raining out and the bum-train just ain't stoppin'.

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