Wednesday, October 20, 2010

2010 Brian and Justin CFB Predictions - Week 7

Remember the time where healthy debate and competition ran rampant on this blog? We do to. Which is why, after an extended delay to begin the year, Justin and I have resurrected our 2010 predictions competition last seen in 2009.

This year's edition is much the same, save for a few updates and modifications I made to the spreadsheet.

The document below (love google docs!) was actually created at the beginning of the football season before any games were played. Accordingly, the outcomes and predictions have not been altered based on what actually occurred to date through the halfway point of the collegiate football season.

With a combined record of 11-3 my predictions have served slightly more accurate than my associate's (9-5) guesstimates. In order to stage a comeback, though, Mr. Cates needs to see both Navy and USC defeat the Irish.

Of course, even if the Midshipmen and Trojans defeat the Irish we would still be tied in terms of wins and losses. As soon as this weekend we'll discover if Justin is on his way as Notre Dame travels to Meadowlands Stadium to play Navy "on the road."

As far as point differentials are concerned, my accuracy in point totals for the Irish have helped secure a moderately comfortable lead at a cumulative -98 compared to -150 points for Justin. But the season is just barely through the halfway point as mentioned above and there is clearly room for both improvement and closing the gap.

We will attempt to better reconcile the happenings of each weekend now that things have calmed down. Apparently someone thought it would be a good idea to get married earlier this year. Another someone thought it would be an equally astute idea to move to a new locale without Internet access. I digress.

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