Friday, October 22, 2010

Atomic Tom iPhone Subway Song

Remember the iPhone spoof video that poked fun at the seemingly endless possibilities enabled by technological advancement? If you need your memory refreshed watch the following video.

Although the video embellishes about impractical features of the phone, there are actually far-fetching opportunities created by the iPhone that perhaps were unthought of during its development. All it takes are a few clever individuals who challenge how mobile devices can expand upon their intended uses.

Enter Atomic Tom, an up-and-coming electronica rock band from Brooklyn, NY. The quartet spent four months recording their debut album, The Moment, in a tiny apartment with the help of one of their close friends.

Ironically enough, their big break came from a recording in an even smaller venue: a NYC subway train car.

Atomic Tom, comprised of lead vocalist Luke White, Phillip Galitzine on bass, guitarist Eric Espiritu, and drummer Tobias Smith proved that seemingly anything is possible with the aid of an iPhone.

Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess has used an iPhone application during live concerts before, which is also impressive, but you would be hard pressed to find a performance more remarkable than what follows.

To push this over the top, the video was shot and edited using three iPhone cameras. It was shot live in one take.

"Take Me Out" is not only the band's first single but also the infamous song in the subway video. According to vocalist Luke Wilson, "It's a vulnerable song. It's about letting people into your life, letting people rescue you."

For these Brooklyn rockers, they've let approximately 2.5 million people into their lives from youtube alone as of this posting.

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