Monday, November 16, 2009

Sometimes things don't always go as planned. I went 5-1 in my picks this week missing only on Stanford's drubbing of Southern California. Virginia Tech defeated Maryland as expected 36-9. On the other hand Notre Dame lost another tough one, this time to No. 9 Pittsburgh 27-22.

Golden Tate is an absolute menace, I'm not sure that you can really stop him. I don't know why Notre Dame doesn't run some hurry-up offense when they get in a rut though. It's much easier for Clausen to get in a rhythm that way. I've been suggesting that the Hokies do it all year with Tyrod Taylor who seems to be the same way.

I was most impressed with Dion Lewis of Pitt. That kid is special. He and Virginia Tech's Ryan Williams are without a doubt the two best freshman backs in America.

A tough week for Charlie who appears to be in serious trouble now. Talk about a must win against UConn.

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Brian said...

I think I will reserve any outstanding thoughts on Weis until after the season is over but have some comments on the game:

1) I agree with the hurry-up. Dating back to Brady Quinn it seems as though Weis' offenses have been at their best when leaving little time for defensive substitutions.

2) Why Golden wasn't featured more in the gameplan is beyond me. He should touch the ball 40% of the time. He makes plays - mostly after he's already caught the ball.

3) Our defense needs to find a way to get drastically better between now and the regular season finale at Stanford or my preseason prediction will come to fruition... though it might not be as close.

4) I feel bad for Weis for taking so much heat but that's what you get when you're the head coach.


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