Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dolphins Take Bite Out of Orange

Not that this really matters because it was an exhibition game but I couldn't resist sharing the news for those of you who hadn't heard.

Syracuse lost to Le Moyne in men's basketball tonight. It's never good to lose a game to an opponent from a lesser division in collegiate sport but the Orange couldn't withstand the mighty Dolphins from across town in Syracuse, NY.

Le Moyne is a tiny Jesuit college founded in 1946. Syracuse made its first NIT appearance that same year.

The case for parity in collegiate athletics becomes stronger yet.


Justin Cates said...

Why does a team in Syracuse have a dolphin as a mascot? Is that supposed to be funny? Because it kind of is.

Bobby said...

I second that.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I agree that the Dolphin is a terribly awful mascot choice. Also, just a side note... in a way Syracuse should be even more embarrassed. Le Moyne isn't even across town. You can probably stand at the base of the carrier dome, throw a rock, and take out some Dolphin leaving her co-ed dorm building. The campuses are practically on the same land. How did this happen? For shame.

-The Sienk


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