Friday, November 6, 2009

College Football Quick Picks: Week 10

After a perfect 5-0 effort last week, my season mark now sits at 30-20. With another nice effort this weekend I think we'll be in good shape the rest of the way.

On a side note, next weekend Nike is doing yet another football uniform promotion. About 10 schools will wear new Nike gear the weekend of the 14th.

The Virginia Tech ones will be unveiled this week to join schools like Texas, Ohio State and Florida State that have already made their versions public. The FSU ones are my favorite so far sporting those sweet gloves and some really classy lookin' black helmets.

I'm both fearful and eager to see what Phil Knight has cooked up for the Techmen this time.

Time for the picks. I'm going to do them just like last week to try and keep things moving in a positive direction. It's sort of a weak slate of games but there are a few good ones including the battle for the Victory Bell in Chapel Hill. This is Duke's year finally*!

No. 3 Alabama defeats No. 9 LSU

No. 8 Oregon defeats Stanford

No. 11 Penn State defeats No. 16 Ohio State

Duke defeats North Carolina

No. 10 Georgia Tech defeats Wake Forest

* = Maybe

Here are the Tech gloves for loyal reader Bobby West. I'll post the actual uniform when it's revealed Monday.


Bobby said...

Oooooh... I dunno. The gold helmets are hard to beat. At least there isn't any barbed wire on the jersey. I'm interested to see the Hokies' new threads.

Justin Cates said...

The classic gold helmets are great too, but I like the contrast between the gold and black a lot.

I posted our gloves. A little busy for my tastes but any apparel that has Hokie Stone and Ut Prosim on it is cool in my book.

Bobby said...

Agreed. The Hokie Stone and 'Ut Prosim' are pretty innovative. Maybe the words to the Alma Mater on the inside?

Go Hokies!

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